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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 25, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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i've been kind of keeping an eye off on a monitor and it got in there and some weird things were going on and the parents haven't stepped to the mike yet. "happening now" is going to come in a second or two and continue the story. have you on today. "happening now". we begin with a fox news alert. we are awaiting as harris just told you new reaction from michael brown's family and the grand jury decision. >> their objection to the process and prosecutor. this is "happening now". >> fury in ferguson, teargas and gunfire after a grand jury's decision not to indict the police officer in ferguson, missouri. what is next in the case that ignited a fire storm? >> and plus, i have submitted by
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resignation for the secretary of defense. what is behind the resignation of secretary of deputies chuck hagel. and the effort to defeat isis and obama's legacy. four years a sniper. he is putting his ears on the the front line and using real life natural disasters. it is all "happening now". ♪ >> first though, our top story. the family of michael brown about to react to the grand jury's decision not to indict the police officer. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather in for jenna le. the brown family with al sharpton and they reject the
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process and demanding a change in the law. >> adam? >> reporter: the community is shell shocked. 25 different fires and 80 people arrested and now a recovery process. we are walking down old town ferguson. this area never had problems with riots in the past. but last night, every business wall got knocked out and windows taken out. people are doing the recovery. you can see inside they have taken things off of the shelves and trying to do a recover process and at the same time prepare for anything that might happen. natalie, you are from the community and you make cakes and everyone enjoys it. and i saw you put up the ploy wood. you had to be shocked that it came this far down the street? >> right, i was totally, totally just disoriented with everything that had happen.
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i just didn't think that they would damage it as much as they did. you know, this is our lively hood and this is what i have and my only source of income. >> reporter: here comes a fire truck right now. the fire department going biechlt people are responding and talking to natalie. when you see and hear that and see your shop, it has to be disturbing? >> it is. several reporters came to the shop it like a twilight zone and unbelievable that we are experiencing this and you only see this in movies and feeling it and hurting and crying from it. i was praying against this. >> reporter: jon, that is one of the reactions and this is ferguson hardware store knocked out and they are you putting up plywood and they are saying saying rude things.
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people don't know what to do and tonight, what they are doing tonight. they are out all morning long and they had plywood up and burning down. a lot of people are uncertain. >> obviously it is a racially charged story but their anger, they are attacking natalie as much as anybody else's? >> reporter: absolutely and our car got stopped and they were protesters that were wearing mask that were white and black and looking for us to make a comment. and here comes another fire engine. that's all we have heard jon, since 11:30 to midnight. and they are continuing to respond, a lot of the fires that were put out. 25 were set and some of those
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fours were car fours. you will see a black mark where it melted and back to the comment before. there is no rhyme or reason. they are owned by people inside of ferguson. this is a beauty store. every beauty store has been looted or had serious damage to it, jon. >> it is unbelievable and awful. and obviously. what is anything on there. adam house lo, thank you. >> it is said to so how many businesses are impacted by that. >> just one day after the president announced the resignation of chuck hagel, we have new information on what was behind that decision and the focus turns to who will be the next chief of the pent govenlt jennifer griffin is live now. what are we learning about the president's decision? >> reporter: heather, the
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decision to remove chuck hagel was connected to the midterm election. it is not uncommon for the president to make changes. hagel was the sacrificial lamb for the white house which is struggling. hagel was the easiest time of the staff to remove. he but theed heads with susan rice, and they are regarding gitmo releases and rear admiral john kirby insists that hagel was not fired. >> secretary hagel accomplished things. he issued dozen reforms and managed the rebalance to the asian positive pacific and draw down the mission afghanistan and going an isil and iraq aggressively. >> reporter: what is not
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changed national security policy is in control of a very few people of the white house who are accused by former defense secretaries and many in the pentagon of micromanaging the wars. two names that are floated to replace hagel are michelle flonoi, and that is one that served in the pentagon. and the other name floated is ash carter who served as deputy secretary of defense under leon panella and a smart chief operating officer. what is so unusual is the president to not have a replacement to announce. that leaves a vacum and unlikely a replacement will be confirmed until next year. >> jennifer, you are stationed in the pept gone and what is the mood there when you talk to staffer ares about the
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resignation? >> reporter: there was a since that hagel was floundering here in the pentagon. he came here in a difficult time with sequestration and cutting the defense budget and rise of isis and the expectation of ramping up wars that were supposed to be winding down. it is a ilimpossible and thankless job. but the real complaint, a very small number of people in the white house are making the decisions by the wars and not allowing any outsiders to ready advise them of how the wars should be prosecuted and there is a great deal of frustration on that level here in the pentagon. >> we'll have a lot more on the resignation of defense secretary hagel and was he the scapegoat and what is next for the white house. we'll talk to kt mcfarland.
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>> key obama care mi p professor johnathon grubber agreeing to testify before the house oversight committee two weeks from now. grubber bragged about stupid voters to get obama care passed. >> they are too stupid. >> it is very clever exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the american voter. >> call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. it was critical to getting it passed. >> joining us now is bob cusack. it doesn't so many like he is a shrinking violet. he is feisty. what are we expecting here, bob? >> gruber will say he made a mistake. but the interesting thing is his
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relationship about democrats. democrats threw him under the bus and nancy pelosi didn't know who he was even though she soited his work. and the president down played the relationship even though the gruber went to the white house. he was in the room with obama care. >> the president called him some staffer, right? >> right. yeah, yeah. and even though it was a week after the uproar happen the president down played any connection to gruber. and interesting that gruber agreed to testify. he could have been subpeonaed and he agreed to testify. i think he may be firing back at republicans but more interestingly democrats. >> when you parse his apologies, he has said that he regretted some of the things he said, but
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not necessarily apologizing for them. it is like he's sorry for making them public. >> yeah, all of the media seized on. it he will have to be contrite and both republican ands democrats will beat up on him on the hearing. he was involved in the process and that's why the republicans are holding the hearing. it was a big sweeping law and they rushed it through. republicans are using it as a way to seize the story and bring it back up for a month by the time it of the hearings. it will be worth the price of admission, jon. >> will the results of the hearing lend anymore weight to the momentum, i guess, to try to undo the president's signature health care law? >> i think to some degree. i don't think it will change the votes. they don't have the votes to
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repeal obama care they can chip away on the medical device, so that will happen next year. this is part of their effort to take pieces of the bill and try to repeal and get it to president obama's desk. i would imagine that president obama and any type of a repeal will be vetoed. >> it will be fascinating to watch. house oversight and government reform committee and johnathon gruber to testify. thank you. are you ready for the nor' easter if you live on the east coast. it is about to make a mess of things. ten inches of snow in spots and that could delay travel plans and have ripple effects. if you don't live on the east coast you should care about this because it could affect you. >> we are expecting big delays.
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if you live on the i- 95 corridor travel today or thursday, tomorrow is going to be a mess. 50s and 60s. that is ahead of the cold front. and the timing is what will give us a rain or snow event. there is the radar imagery. this is 12 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. and the snow working west of the dc area and working its way in new york city. and we'll so upwards of six inches for the city and west getting the total snowfall totals upwards of a foot in some cases. transitioning to snow by midday. and for new york city and interior sections and isolated amounts and along the coast wet snow generally 3- 8 inches.
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and dc and maybe three inches for philadelphia. and look to new york. 3- 8 inches. and 6- 10. and we'll get in a now casting situation, heather and tomorrow, be able to crunch those numbers and this will be a nowed situation. i- 95 corridor will be a mess. >> and tough for a lot of people driving there. we'll stay tuned for the latest. >> you are what you eat, and the fda said you should know more about the food put in your body. new ruling that will affect restaurants and other businesses nationwide. part of obama care. >> and a woman who pled guilty of killing her boyfriend in's car crash is cleared of all charges, general motors said it was the car's fault. and the family of a window washer who fell ten stories and
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you should probably check out credit karma, it's free. credit? karma? free?, that's... how much? that's how much it's free. credit karma really free credit scores. no credit card needed. the family of a map when survived an 11 story fall from a high rise in san francisco is speaking out. a witness shot the cell phone video of the 58-year-old window washer after he mrufrmged from the building. passengers helped until help arrived. he landed on a passing car and that saved his life. but he is in critical condition. the family said he is a suborn strong man and fighting for his life. he has had surgery and he sometimes opens his eyes when we
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talk to him. wow. >> the fda is rolling out plans to require restaurants and other places where food is solid to postical row counts. there is a lot of regulations coming out of washington in the coming weeks. shannon, we heard of cities doing this and now the fda and the federal government stepping in. as big brother? >> reporter: yeah, there is a lot of this coming. we are talking about knowing every calorie in sports arena and movie theaters and bowling alleys. where people go to have fun and not focus on nutrition. there is a lot more, including plenty from the environmental protection agency that critics say will kill the u.s. coal industry and hundreds of thousands of jobs. the administration released the
10:20 am
newly regulated activities. they did it on friday before a holiday week. they are tucked in there and will touch every part of american life. critics say the administration is dealing out billions of new rules without considering how it impacts your life. >> should we impact more costs on the businesses. and the manufacturers which is a third of the energy supply. but the senior citizens that are trying to pay the home and heating bills. >> when i asked the administration earlier this year about the regulatory activity. emily cane told me that the administration is committed to a regulatory strategy that protects the health and welfare and safety of americans and promoting economic growth and job creation and compettiveness and innovation.
10:21 am
regulations do have a place in american life, it is relevant to note that the regulatory cost to the household is 15000 a year. >> wow. and they are all unelected nameless faceless bureaucrats that right the regulations in washington. >> they have a lot of power. >> thanks, what a place. >> a major automaker neglected to report san diegos and injuries with the vehicles and fury protest in ferguson over growing questions of how the shooting case was handled. a former fbi agent gives us his take, moments away. you're driving along,
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>> right now police are regrouping in ferguson, missourivilling the night of violent protest. the brown family appearing for the first time a while ago. we were expecting them to speak publicly but so far they have not. the attorneys did and they blasted how the case was handled. listen to this. >> for the grand jury decision we feel is a direct reflection of those who presented the evidence. we appreciate the fact that we got a chance to read all of the testimony. we saw what was presented and we didn't how it was presented and didn't hear the inflections and the voices. >> and jeff lanzan is a retired fbi special agent. and the prosecutor provided
10:26 am
them. he gave all of the witnesses and testimony and so you can make the informed decision and now the attorneys for the family are questioning that altogether. what is your reaction? >> it is an unusual thing to put out all of that information. the prosecutor put out the grapped -- grand jury december to see how they made the decision. it was not a hand holding session. the in this particular case, the evidence was presented and the grand jury decide on that. the prosecutor was smart in doing that way. >> to the family's attorney point he claimed that there is not a lot to tell how questions were asked. and implied that the prosecutor
10:27 am
led to the grand jury to the decision and that the process was unfair, what did you think of what he said? >> i department have a chance to read the testimony. but that is reading in too much. i don't think voice inflection or the way questions are asked when you have specific evident and testimony in this case. we would have to look at every single question and read into that to make the conclusion he is making. evidence is evidence and testimony is testimony. >> one of the things that the family is asking for and their attorneys were today that a body camera be put on a police officer and call it michael brown law. would that in part have solved part of the problem here in terms of what folks didn't know what happened until yesterday? >> there is nothing like a video camera to document what happened and what went down and for that purpose it is it a fan upon taftic idea.
10:28 am
but the other part about that is that law enforcement bring up. they face situations every day in the country around the country and have to make a decision about using deadly force and sometimes it has tragic consequences. how they make the decisions with people, that could have an affect on that as well. but the documentation factor is certainly true. >> for so long, there was a lot of misinformation going around the internet and talk shoes and so forth such as michael brown was shot in the back. should the prosecutor and state and police department come out earlier with a lot more information to have solved and settled that and that information was not out there? >> i think transparency is important and in this day and aim, there will be a lot of
10:29 am
misinformation and people tend to believe what they heard. and it is a job of any aenls and communicating and make sure the rumor are put to rest and that could have been done better in this case and we had to deal with grand jury and secrecy rules. that is pursuing two lines of justice in this case. that is another going on. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> and a shake-up for the president's national security steam. chuck hagel stepping down and exposing a rift between the top commander and military leaders. what could this mean for the foreign policy? >> and a woman who pled guilty to killing her boyfriend in 2004 is vindicated and the car was to blame and not her, the legal panel takes up this it case.
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hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. you >> president obama now looking for his fourth defensive secretary in six years after chuck hagel handed in his
10:34 am
resignation. joining us is kt mcfarland. kt, secretary hagel agreed with the president with cutting the size of the army and using the military to fight climate change. and then something changed and that's isis, is that what did him in? >> i think it was a combination of those things. what the administration is doing looking for a scapegoat. a lot of things haven't worked. the rise of isis and the beheadings and the afghanistan, and pivot to china and asia, none of it is working including the iran nuclear negotiations and the administration looks around for someone to fault. >> kt, folks see through that? >> of course they are. the president thinks it is it a personnel problem. at least not a personnel problem in the pentagon. each a now secretary of defense
10:35 am
has to keep with the president's policies and that's where the short comings have been and problematic because there are hundreds of anonymous national security officials who are trying to micromanage every decision in the pept gone. how to fight a war and how many people to fight the war and weapons you need to fight a war. that is micromanaged by people with no military background. >> they are not in that spot. they are served as armed chair general and in the comfort of the excutive office and not over at the pentagon. can the president find someone more agreeably with his policies to do the job of chuck hagel? >> no, he either finds a yes, man and then the policys continue to flounder or you find someone with credibility and serious and give him serious and straight advice. and the then is will he take
10:36 am
that advice. and it is one of the most important things he would do in the next two years. last four years of the foreign policy is determined by military type things and nuclear noerngzs with iraq and what about asia and the military in asia and putin's encroachment in central europe and potentially 98o. and so the question, if you get a good guy, do you listen to him? kt, you worked in the department of defense, what are they saying to you? what is the mood about the hagel departure or firing? >> it depends on what the president does next. there was not uniform excitement of hagel. >> he was following the
10:37 am
president's orders. >> he didn't have the skill set. i said he would have problems. he was not well liked on capitol hill and didn't have credibility for the senior leadership and not in the inner circle. of the president. that is no excuse to humiliate him. the pentagon will nominate carter or flonoy. they are serious depend choices. will he listen to them? if he doesn't, the morale when they see the pentagon and military budget gutted, they are concerned about the threats going further. and will the united states be able to meet those challenges ahead. >> and so many defense
10:38 am
secretaries in so few years. that is a issue. >> yes, happy thanksgiving. >> attorneys for the family of michael brown calling for a new law to require all police officers to wear body cameras. it follows entense criticism of how the case was handled from the start. the advocates argue it should have gone to a trial. >> we'll have doug and a lysse; it is curious to see they are saying it should have dpn to a trial and not a grand jury. it is easier for a indictment from the grand jury than a trial? >> don't forget there has to be a step in between charging somebody is going to trial. prosecutors can bring a complaint and deputy before the judge. in a preliminary hearing there
10:39 am
is a judge and defense lawyer and there is no judge or defense lawyer. and so in a way, it is it easier for a prosecutor to get an indictment. >> those who think had they taken it in front of a 12 member juriy in criminal court, there are no guarantees. >> you can't mix the two concepts. what they are saying, they should have gone to a petit jor. and you need a grand jury indictment. a lysse said it is alternative. and the defendant is entitleed to a preliminary hearing and unlike the grand jury to a lysse's point. the judge decides it. it is an interesting dynamic. >> that is open and not secret. they might have been better off in doing that in terms of the
10:40 am
process. >> given all of the vitriol in ferguson. businesses are burned and trashed and so forth, does anybody think that somebody will get up on the witness stand and say anything negative about michael brown? >> exactly. the witnesses according to the prosecutors that we heard were over the place with inconsistent statements. that did not help in trying to bring an indictment against officer wilson. >> what they are talking about, the process. people say it should have been held in open court. >> we are saying the protection of a secret grand jury would be in favor of them giving more honest testimony. i understand your point. >> there were three african-americans that decided not to issue an indictment. >> and 60 witnesses over three months that is a long time to be
10:41 am
in front of a grand jury. >> we turn our attention to another case. general motor's failure to disclose faulty ignition switches in millions of cars. a woman pled guilty ten years to killing her boyfriend in a car crash. she was just cleared by the judge after the crash was linked to the gm defect. 35 deaths are tied to faulty switches which gm hid. there is the poor woman. she's in the car with her boyfriend. >> she's gone through ten years of hell over this because she thought she was guilty for killing her boyfriend with the car. >> the police said there were no skidmarks and didn't try to avoid the tree and therefore she must have been at fault. >> and it turned to be a faulty ignition switch. how many other potential cases
10:42 am
of vehiclear homicide might be out there? that's what they are talking about. and doesn't she have the right to recover against general motors. >> especially since general motors knew about the defect before she pled guilty. she has a massive civil lawsuit on her hands. >> the company anyhow that that particular case was the defect. >> and they let her go ahead and suffer the consequences. >> the smoking gun. there are memos and stuff in the correct chronological time period saying they knew it was a faulty ignition. >> and 35 deaths so far over the ignition switch. >> i can't imagine the burden she's been carrying. >> and another autostory to bring you. honda is admitting that it failed to report deaths linked
10:43 am
to the vehicles and that is a violation of federal law. they did not reveal 700 injury and death claims related to defective air bags from a japanese supplier. they are blaming that on a computer error. the company could face big fines. they have recalled 5 million cars to recall the air bag. >> good numbers show the economy is humming along better than experts thought. wee tell you about that and plus, helping people at most vulnerable. a retired marine traveling to heighty and now the mission has grown. a map behind the global relief group joins us next.
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not charged in the shooting death of michael brown. and the update on ferguson. and the irs has been try blowing taxpayer dollars going through lois lerner e-mails and they are handing out bonuses. don't miss that. and let me know how you cook your turk i. we'll read your suggestions all at the top of the hour. >> well, a man who once served in the marine corps as a sniper. jake in the haiti earthquake. he began a relief effort and his group has retired military personnel that were eager to lend a hand. jake wood, there is so much
10:48 am
depressing news and it is nice to bring a nice story. you have been out of the marines for a few months and then haiti happen. what made you go help out. ? we saw a great dmeed and i served in iraq and afghanistan. i knew there would be devastation and a lot of violence potentially and a lack of information and i knew that i had an opportunity to help in an environment like that. i had been in those environments before. >> you pulled together combat engineers and coms, medics all of the type of folks who have resources to help out. how did you do that? >> i mean, it was easy. veterans are coming home and want to it serve their community.
10:49 am
and what we identified is a method and outlet to do that. use the skills from the army and marines and air force for good. there is no shortage of disasters. we have two and half million veterans coming back from iraq to afghanistan with an ability to contribute in a positive way. all we have done is provide the mechanism for that. >> we are showing the pictures not only in haiti but in the united states. hurricane sandy in the east coast and mud slides in california and other places. what does it make you feel like to know that you are helping americans for a change as well? >> it is really powerful. we see an opportunity to not only help the communities affected by disasters, but to help the community of veterans that are looking for a new purpose and sense of identity. and we provide that through the mission. to do it here at home is powerful.
10:50 am
i think it helps us to bridge the military/civilian divide and remind the communities how impressive the young men and women are coming back. >> it is called team rubicon. you have 25 full- time staffers and team of volunteers. volun. how do folks get more information? how do they help out? >> we have 20,000 members across the country. both veterans and civilian. people can find us on our website, and also facebook and twitter. we're very involved on social media, and that's probably the best way to reach out to us. >> by the way, you went to university of wisconsin. go badgers. big game coming up. >> i'm wisconsin. yeah. >> that's right. >> good for him. >> what a guy. can you believe christmas is one month away? if you are looking for some deals on gifts, you might not
10:51 am
need to hit the mall on black friday. what analysts say is really the best shopping day. plus, a water buffalo goes on the attack, and this does not end well.
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more signs of a recovery as new gdp figures are released showing the u.s. economy grew 3.9% in the july to september period. that's higher than previous estimates, and the dow meantime is continuing to soar to new high this is year. new reports on prices and consumer confidence.
10:55 am
the strongest back to back quarters in more than a decade, and as we approach, the critical holiday shopping season, this could mean consumers and businesses are going to spend more money. the data wasn't all good. a report on september home prices showed that, yes, they are still rise, but not the slowest pace in two years. inventory increases are helping to crush cushion prices. no surprise that along with weakening home prices comes a dip in consumer confidence. a gauge of that unexpectedly fell this month after hitting a seven-year high in october. it's still higher about an 20 points, and we do see enthusiasm from retailers with black friday a few days away. however, it looks like thanksgiving gobbled up black friday. after scouring through a store's promotions, it may be that
10:56 am
thursday is the best day to shop all year both in store and on-line. >> thanksgiving day will be the lowest overall prices on-line of the entire year. >> and the folks at adobe also say shoppers are nervous in they don't buy items early enough they'll either be out of stock or they won't ship in time for the holidays. that's one of the reasons that the stores that are open, they're open because they know we have to get there. plus, if they're not open, people will just shop at their competitors. >> yeah. >> we'll be on-line. >> me too. >> i'll be sitting at the thanksgiving day with my phone out. until someone yells at me. >> i'll be cooking. thank you. >> really? >> yes, i will. >> whoa. impressed. >> thank you. don't miss lauren on the fox business network. why are you so surprised? if you don't know where to find it in your area, log on to fox finder. >> so manly. terrific. way to go, john. well, a water buffalo chasing people on a busy street. that can never be a good thing.
10:57 am
it causes a lot of injuries and damage. we'll tell you what police did to finally stop the rampage. i have the worst cold with this runny nose.
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caught on tape. an enraged water buffalo in china. responsible for injuring 14 people. it even damaged vehicles in its path. police eventually had to shoot and kill that rampaging buffalo. >> that's one way to stop it. >> hmm. scary stuff. >> thanks for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts now. >> bye. ♪ an erie calm as that community phase widespread devastation following the grand jury's decision not to indict police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. i'm fwrechen carlson. we will keep it here today to bring you the real story on this. police cars


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